Wait a minute… Dolly Parton was beautiful?

What a gorgeous face!

And what a tasty plank of corny old time country music.

Let’s just do it again.

PS This kind of music used to make me want to eat my own ears so I wouldn’t have to hear it when I was a kid. Now, it’s kind of simple and weirdly appealing. I know, it’s freaking me out.

Bad Dance, Worse Pants

I’m sorry, but I don’t like Blondie.

Particularly this song.

But I LOVE the pants you start seeing at 1:00 minute in.

If you can stand the dead-eyed stare, the brutal singing voice and the country-style bass line, enjoy those pants and the spastic dance.


Why do I never get sick of this song?

Thanks, Matt Bellamy and Edge. What a great way to start the week.

Midnight Special: The Cars – Just What I Needed

This performance is killer.

1. Great song.
2. Great time period captured by the song.
3. Benjamin Orr is completely transfixing. Hypnotic, even. If you had a time machine, and you went back to the 70’s and asked kid me what I wished I could do, look like, be and sound like, I would have pointed at Ben Orr in this clip, although I wouldn’t likely have been comfortable with the half-lidded, boozy or drugged out eyes that he has, no matter how how it may have looked to 70s girls. Wait a minute… 70s girls… Maybe I would have gone for that back then.
4. The keyboardist needs to never dress like that at a show again.
5. Ocasek is creepy, which is cool.

Note: I have not yet gotten tired of this clip. How hot was that debut album? Ridiculous.

Okay, I had to stick this in there too. Killer song, great voice, still amazing.

What the hell? The Cars are incredible. It’s nice to go back to a band from the G.O.D. and find out that they really were great, and maybe I wasn’t such a goof after all.

Man! Now I have to add Candy O. I need to lay down.

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