The No Topic Podcast #6: “Safety First” (audio)

No Topic Image iTunesThe Interns continue to go wild at the FauxPop Studios.  Join Ryan Irwin, Lizzy McDonald and sitting in for Ty host Reuben Elliott-Fisher.


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A FauxPop Media “Interns Gone Wild!!” Podcast

Watch in amazement as FauxPop’s interns take the reins, commandeer the gear and raise their voices for all to hear.

Photogenic Memory: This is Me is now available

Hey, I wrote this book and it’s for sale!

Photogenic Memory: This is Me, a memoir collection of amusing stories of childhood was just released in trade paperback and is currently available online, from me or from Finchers on the Square in Goderich, with more outlets to follow.

You’ll be able to get the ebook version for your readers and tablets in a few weeks as well.

It even made my wife laugh.


BabyCast EP02: “Hotdog”

BabyCast EP02 “Hotdog” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION After a 6 month hiatus father and daughter hit the mics for an intimate discussion and singalong. Then suppertime shows up and well we have to say “bye” and blow some kisses

BID Podcast EP16

BID Podcast EP16 “Working on Single #3” FOR VIDEO VERSION – CLICK HERE The band starts writing the next iTunes release and invite you in to the writing process.  The last half of the pcast has the band tracking the new song with engineer/producer Thomas Ireland and producer Randall Lobb.  Look for this song on […]

FPGtW Sudan Report – EP01

DEBUT EPISODE FauxPop Goes The World – Sudan Report – EP01 CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION This is the first of our FauxPop Goes the World Special Reports. This episode is the first report from Sudan and catches FauxPop corespondent Daryl Gilroy only a few days after landing in Africa in the soon to be […]

FauxPop FauxCast EP18

FauxPop FauxCast EP18 CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION Freshly traumatized by a high school homecoming Rand pulls Mark into a replay of their first memories of school, remembering bullies, the strap, the earliest Hustletricks and an attempted Kindergarten coup. Grim realization sets in as Mark considers the depths of his childhood evil in spite of […]

FauxPop Goes The World EP01

DEBUT EPISODE FauxPop Goes The World EP01 CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION In this debut episode of FPGTW new co-host Douglas Barill brings not only a new voice, but a wealth of experience and knowledge to a new series of discussions about history, the news and current events and yet another opportunity for HustleTalk while […]

FauxPop FauxCast EP17

FauxPop FauxCast EP17 CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION Rand and Mark and special guest Rick Lobb (via Skype) enter a time loop and begin what they think is Episode 16 with fond memories of their 16th birthdays, not realizing that this is Episode 17. Jobs, driving, phone-shaped cake; it all comes out in this powerful […]

FauxPop FauxCast EP16

FauxPop FauxCast EP16 This podcast dedicated in memory of Shane Hussey CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION Mark and Rand talk about the sad news of fellow FauxPop podcaster Shane Hussey’s recent passing, and discuss their responses to death over the years. Follow us on Twitter: @FauxPopTV Randall Lobb: @thelabcoatguy Mark Hussey: @hustletalk

FauxTech EP06

FauxTech EP06 CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO VERSION – CLICK HERE The FauxTech boys work through the maybe and/or maybe nots of Microsoft’s purchase of Skype, puzzling out what it all means, which takes them into a general conversation where they attempt to solve all of Steve Balmer’s problems and put Microsoft back on track. […]

FauxPop FauxCast EP15 – “Billionaires”

FauxPop FauxCast EP15 “Billionaires” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION The boys finally get down to the real issues: explaining why they should be billionaires. Mark shows how he’s still the kinder and more thoughtful of the two, and Rand invites existing billionaires to attend his seminars where he will give them ideas how to maximize […]

FauxTech EP05

FauxTech EP05 CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO VERSION – CLICK HERE What starts out as a discussion about companies using “the cloud” veers into looking at the Playstation Network hack that dropped the service to its knees. We also check out Anthony’s new Android smartphone and have our usual unsolicited advice for the captains of […]

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Art’s Great Canadian Adventure on an e-Bike

Join Seaforth area resident Art Burns on his E-Bike adventure across Canada


Zameer Rizvi – “MindOverMurder”

“I’ll give you fields of gold…Money for your widow…and Seventy Virgins for you.”

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