A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP12

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallThings have been busy with many movie projects, some of which have designs to be discussed here in future episodes. This episode explores some of the costume and design elements that have gone into developing one of Isaac’s sci-fi/fantasy character concepts, while also exploring the style development of his female characters in general.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP10

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallFollowing up on episode 9 this is a continuation of the same piece in the inking stages. I talk a little bit about what I was focusing on in this image, as well as what I learned and where I think I need to improve.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP09

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallIn this episode I am experimenting with a new format for the show that I might drop in from time to time while working on longer pieces like this. I follow up on my last episode where I started this latest “Pin-Up” piece and show the pencil process entirely in time-laps with commentary.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP08

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallApologies for the lower quality audio, there were some technical difficulties. In this episode I get started on an all new piece in what I would call the “pin-up” category, even though it’s not a “pin-up” in the traditional sense. I look at pieces like this that I have done in the past and talk about all of the notes and lessons I am trying to incorporate into this one new piece. The main focus being composition we also crack the secret behind the mysterious guide lines seen in some of Mark Schultz’s process art in his art books.

A Guy Learning How to Draw: EP07



Just days before we hit the road on our latest Definitive Film documentary project I cranked out a Masters of the Universe poster piece for the MOTU alumni to sign. In this second of two parts I finish the piece and talk about my inking process and the areas I am trying to work on and develop as I go.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP06

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallPART ONE

Just days before we hit the road on our latest Definitive Film documentary project I cranked out a Masters of the Universe poster piece for the MOTU alumni to sign. In this first of two parts I experiment with blue line penciling and talk about the tricks and techniques I’ve been developing lately.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP05

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallIn the last episode I was reviewing my development as an artist through the characters of Benson and Cactus. This episode continues that review and looks at the comparison between the first pass at the mini comic and the new attempt at the same material. All this while also talking about my further technique development as I ink the fight scene.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP04

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallBenson & Cactus and a guy learning how to draw, we are back again. This time we are exploring the  development of Benson & Cactus, a story concept involving a federal agent and his chain smoking, foul mouthed potted cactus partner. It was with this concept that I started down this path of learning how to draw as a comic illustrator. In this first of two episodes on the subject I explore the many stages of development with this particular concept and discuss the lessons I learned along the way.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP03

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallInspired by shooting with so many of his comic creator heroes, late bloomer (and Definitive Film’s resident cinematographer) Isaac Elliott-Fisher begins his burgeoning career as a comic artist himself and invites the world to watch.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP02

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_smallBack again for another episode of me learning how to draw better. This time I mainly focus on the basics of drawing, drawing tools, and a little bit of technique, so if you’re an experienced artist already, it might not be super exciting. I do however share a few tips I have picked up from people I have interviewed for various film projects over the years. This is something I am likely to do in these video podcasts, as I have collected and will continue to collect many interviews with artists and people in and around the world of comics and popular culture. These people, tips, and maybe even footage will appear from time to time. One such tip involves some cool original animation cells from the 1987 TMNT cartoon, watch and see how it relates to the world of drawing comics.

A Guy Learning How To Draw: EP01

AGuyLearningHowToDraw_small As the name suggests, my latest experiment is a new video podcast documenting my adventures in teaching myself how to draw better. I have been dabbling in comic art illustration for a couple of years now and have been thoroughly enjoying the process. I started filming time lapses of comic pages I was doing for a current project and thought it might be cool to talk a little about what I am doing, the things I am learning, and maybe share some of those revelations with people in a video podcast. Check it out and let me know what you think.