Chasing Conan: Short Cut 04

ChasingGrayskull_smallLegendary fantasy artist, illustrator and production designer William Stout welcomed us into his studio of so many wonders, we had to force ourselves to leave. Enjoy a tasty clip of that awesome interview.

Chasing Conan: Short Cut 03

ChasingGrayskull_smallJeffrey Shanks is an archaeologist, historian, and scholar of early 20th century popular culture and speculative fiction, focusing on pulp writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Robert E. Howard.

Chasing Conan: Modiphius Playtest at Robert E. Howard’s home

ChasingGrayskull_smallThe filmmakers behind A Riddle of Steel: The Definitive History of Conan the Barbarian were lucky enough to shoot a gaming session with Howard scholars inside the barbarian’s birthplace, Robert E. Howard’s home in Cross Plains, Texas.

Those in attendance playtesting Modiphius’s forthcoming Conan roleplaying game included Mark Finn, Bill Cavalier, Chris Gruber, Jonas Prida, Todd Woods and Jeffrey Shanks.

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Chasing Conan: Short Cut 02

ChasingGrayskull_smallIt seemed fitting at first that this interview was held after dark, but Cassandra Gava, the beautiful wolf witch from Conan the Barbarian, was anything but scary. Such a great laugh and such a great storyteller!

Chasing Conan: Short Cut 01

ChasingGrayskull_smallAuthor, podcaster, historian, martial artist, all-around badass and lifelong Conan fan Daniele Bolelli gives us a taste of the insight he delivers in this clip from an amazing interview. Check out History on Fire on iTunes and get his latest book, Not Afraid, at