Chasing Turtles: EP04

Comics and Cocktails Image-SmallIn which our Turtle Powering, doc making protagonists experience caffeine overload, high heat, low stakes gambling (Curtis lost a whole dollar!) and buffets in Las Vegas before setting out across the desert to interview TMNT cartoon series writer David Wise at his home in L.A. Excellent interview, great guy!

Chasing Turtles: EP01

Comics and Cocktails Image-SmallWho is making this definitive history of the TMNT? What are they doing? Where are they going? Are they really doing in themselves? How do they deal with long hours of spending time together in planes, cars and hotel rooms without crying? The answers to these questions and many more that you haven’t yet asked can be found in this ongoing video podcast that takes you behind the scenes as our tiny crew delves deep under the shells of your favourite crime fighting ninja turtle team.

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