Issue 4: Introducing Key Issue (audio)


Everybody knows that Rand and Ryan have a few issues … KEY issues that is!

In this podcast the guys talk about why some comics lose their value faster than a domestic car leaving the lot, while others appreciate in value like a fine wine.

What makes a comic a key issue? Sometimes it is about collect-ability and the potential investment opportunity but other times the value is not about that at all.
Rand and Ryan show off some of their recent finds and talk about what makes these issues special.

What are your Key issues?

Issue 3: Three Men Bond Over a Few Martinis and Some Spy Comics (audio)

ComicsandCocktailsITunesThis issue we drink Vodka Martinis – shaken not stirred – and discuss the new Bond comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Warren Ellis with art by Jason Masters.

James Bond cover

We also talk about SPECTRE, the new Bond film and other spy comics we’ve read.

How to make a vodka Martini:

The key is that everything has to be cold – like keep yer vodka in the freezer and chill yer glasses cold

Most recipes call for a 3:1 ratio of Vodka to Dry Vermouth. That is garbage. No real martini lover puts that much Vermouth in there. Ever. For 3 shots of Vodka I’d put a bottle cap full of Vermouth. Put a bunch of ice in your shaker and shake for a good thirty seconds to fully chill the cocktail, then pour into your chilled glass. Garnish with a lemon twist, put on your dinner jacket, turn on some Don Draper approved lounge music and you are licensed to chill.

Issue 2 – All New! All Different! – Month of October 2015

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Each month we kick off with an episode looking back at what happened in comics in the previous month.  October was a doozy.

All New All differnet marvel promo banner

Marvel released a bunch of All New number one issues.  In terms of financial and marketing success – the ploy cannot be argued against.  Out of the top ten estimated comics sold to North American comics shops (as Reported by Diamond Comic Distributors) 6 of them were Marvel number ones: Invincible Iron Man (1st – 279,514), Amazing Spider-Man (2nd – 245,873), Spider Gwen (3rd – 197,103),Doctor Strange (5th – 145,456), Chewbacca (7th – 122,952), and Guardians of the Galaxy (9th – 118,342).

Last October the top selling comic was Death of Wolverine # 4 and sold 165,582.

So – get ready for reboots and new number ones forever and ever.  This is our incursion event – deal with it

One big question remains to be answered – are they any good?  If only there was a podcast we could listen to and find out …

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Issue 1 – Human Torch

ComicsandCocktailsITunesMarvel Comics # 1, cover date October 1939 featured the first Marvel superhero – the Human Torch (also Sean wants to say this was also the debut of a certain sub-mariner named Namor).  Eventually the publisher – Timely would become what we now know as Marvel Comics.  We decided to honour that first appearance on our first appearance … in cocktail form.

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