FauxCast -Video Ep01 – “I Wish I was Jewish”

Join thelabcoatguy and the Hustler as they crash the local coffee shop for a video chat to give a special “haven’t seen it” FauxPop review for the movie Avatar after which thelabcoatguy reveals his admiration for Judaism.

We apologize for the bad sound on this one. The Hustler’s lav mic wasn’t plugged in right so it was just camera sound. We decided to post it anyways just so you can see where its all going.

Our apologies to the sweet young ladies who chatted with us and had much to add. They were using the Hustler’s mic and because it wasn’t working it went all Charlie Chaplin on us. We hope they’ll be back to try again.

Boy In December Podcast – EP01

Join Boy In December in their first video podcast.  This one was just a test and we didn’t have our audio feed setup so it sounds bad but we thought we’d put it up anyways just to give you a taste of where its going.

Future episodes will be full of live performance of old and new songs as well as a section where we just chat.  The ultimate goal is to have this as a live stream once a week.  We are still working on getting a fast enough internet connection to do this but it is in the works.

TestosteCast: E01


TestosteCast Episode 01
June 2009

Welcome to your introduction to the FauxPop TestosteCrew as they talk about what they’re going to talk about, refuse to be slotted, deal with a hefty dose of Hustletalk and examine Rock’s hideous feet.

Who knew that sandflea bites were so itchy? Who remembers laser discs? And are the boys ever going to get around to the key points on the agenda?

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