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comicsandcocktailsTune in twice a month to hear collectors Ian, Ryan and Sean talk comics while drinking a new cocktail or craft beer. Each episode they discuss their books of the week, industry news and features like Versus, Required Reading and special guest interviews.

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Issue 2 – All New! All Different! – Month of October 2015 Click the link above to subscribe to the podcast – one in one million subscribers will win a Fantasticar! Each month we kick off with an episode looking back at what happened in comics in the previous month.  October was a doozy. Marvel released a bunch of All New number one issues.  In terms … Continue reading Issue 2 – All New! All Different! – Month of October 2015

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Fauxpop Culture launches at

Our parent site has launched! You can sign up to both audio and video versions of the Comics and Cocktails podcast there.  Check back often too as there are more interesting projects along the way. About Fauxpop:   We are proud to be a part of the Fauxpop media family.  They are a group of like-minded … Continue reading Fauxpop Culture launches at

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Rob Liefeld – Levi’s 501 commercial

They should have made limited edition Liefeld Levi’s with about 16 pouches on the legs and permanent star shaped creasing from the crotch

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Issue 1 – Human Torch – Week of 9/21/2015

Podcast iTunes Link – JUST CLICK! Marvel Comics # 1, cover date October 1939 featured the first Marvel superhero – the Human Torch (also Sean wants to say this was also the debut of a certain sub-mariner named Namor).  Eventually the publisher – Timely would become what we now know as Marvel Comics.  We decided … Continue reading Issue 1 – Human Torch – Week of 9/21/2015

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